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Dar es Salaam e-Government Project



E-Government strategy for Local Authorities

Dar es Salaam City Council,
Municipalities of Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke


Vision: To transform Dar es Salaam into a knowledge-based city

Development of E-Government to enhance transparency, efficiency and e-participation. Dar es Salaam shall be the model to replicate the digitalisation to Local Authorities all over Tanzania.


Information and Communication Technology Strategy for Local Government in Tanzania: a Case Study of Dar es Salaam City Council                                                                               Feb. 2006 Author: Erika Cammi


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- M1 Assessment of the ICT infrastructure 700 KB
- M2 Elaboration of a Framework for the implementation of e-Government in Dar es Salaam 260 KB
- M3 Case Study: Education Management Information System (EMIS) for the needs of the Tanzanian Ministry of Culture and Education, for the Regional Education Departments, District Education Departments and of the schools     1 MB
- M4 Recommendations: e-Government strategy for the city Dar es Salaam 240 KB  
- M5 Assessment of the Information Needs for the local authorities in Dar es Salaam 250 KB  

Report of the Assessment - Information and Communication Technology Strategy for Local Government in Tanzania (in German)     2 MB


Kickoff Workshop on 20th April 2005 Meeting minutes ( MS-Word format or Adobe Acrobat Reader format). 

Assessment of the ICT Infrastructure: Network Plan

City Council

Ilala Municipality

Kinondoni Municipality

Temeke Municipality


Framework for the implementation of e-Government

Phase 1 - Intialisation

Phase 2 - Strategy

Phase 3 - Analysis

Phase 4 - High Level Design

Phase 5 - Realisation and Test

Ph. 6-Introduction, Initial Operation


Education Management Information System (EMIS):

Data Information Flow - Primary School

Data Information Flow - Secondary School

EMIS1 - System Design

EMIS2 - System Design

Entity Relation Diagram

Class Diagram

Use Cases

Sequence Diagram - Enter School Data

Sequence Diagram - Get Exam Results







Ilala Municipal Council Kinondoni Municipal Council Temeke Municipal Council
Dar es Salaam City Council University Computing Center Ltd. Pforzheim University



The Roadmap to e-Governance Implementation: Selected Perspectives by Rogers W'O Okot-Uma
conceptualization and implementation of e-Governance and e-Strategy projects in developing countries of Africa, the Caribbean and Asia/Pacific

BSI Phase Plan
English version of the E-Government Manual of the German Federal Office for Information Security

Detailed phase description:

1- Initialisation 2- Strategy 3- Analysis
4- High-level design 5- Realisation and test 6- Implementation and initial operation

Kinondoni Municipal Council eGovernance Programme
Project Proposal as 14th November 2003
Consultants:  J. Kyaruzi, B. Shah, E. Mpenzwa, E. Mugerezi, E. N. Nfuka, N. Sola

CobiT Framework
Control Objectives for Inforamtion and related Technology (CobiT) Framework elaborated by the The IT Governance Institute

The Commonwealth Center for e-Governance
Committed in investigating the long-term impacts of realizing electronic governance in countries and institutions are likely to realize a number of benefits including financial resource savings, time resource savings, access and empowerment to share information and ideas as well as knowledge with greater and more enhanced ease

Media@Komm Transfer - Vorgehensweise (in German)
Policy for the communal e-Governement for Germany


Information about Dar es Salaam:

Administrative structure                          (
MS-Word format or Adobe Acrobat Reader format).
Short historical infomation                      ( MS-Word format or Adobe Acrobat Reader format).
Administrative Map


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